Wright's stain

Wright's stain

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  • Wright's stain — is a histologic stain that facilitates the differentiation of blood cell types. It is used primarily to stain peripheral blood smears and bone marrow aspirates which are examined under a light microscope. In cytogenetics it is used to stain… …   Wikipedia

  • Wright's stain — rīts n a stain that is a modification of the Romanowsky stain and is used in staining blood and parasites living in blood Wright James Homer (1869 1928) American pathologist. Wright was a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and on… …   Medical dictionary

  • wright's stain — ˈrīts noun Usage: usually capitalized W Etymology: after James Homer Wright died 1928 American pathologist : a stain that is a modification of the Romanowsky stain and is much used in staining blood and blood living parasites …   Useful english dictionary

  • stain — 1. To discolor. 2. To color; to dye. 3. A discoloration. 4. A dye used in histologic and bacteriologic technique. 5. A procedure in which a dye or combination of dyes and reagents is used to color the constituents of cells and tissues. For… …   Medical dictionary

  • Wright stain — (rīt) [James Homer Wright, American pathologist, 1869–1928] see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain …   Medical dictionary

  • Wright — Basil Martin, 20th century British physician. See W. respirometer. James Homer, U.S. pathologist, 1869–1928. See W. stain. Marmaduke Burr, U.S. obstetrician, 1803–1879. See W. version …   Medical dictionary

  • Wright stain — a mixture of eosin Y and polychrome methylene blue, used for staining blood smears and for detection of malarial parasites in the blood …   Medical dictionary

  • James Homer Wright — Dr. James Homer Wright (1869 ndash;1928) was an early and influential American pathologist, who for many years was chief of pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital.In 1915 he joined with Dr. Richard C. Cabot to begin publication of the Case… …   Wikipedia

  • Silver stain — A silver stain (GMS) demonstrating the fungus histoplasma (black round balls) in a liver biopsy. Silver staining is the use of silver to selectively alter the appearance of the target. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • Periodic acid-Schiff stain — Periodic acid Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) is a staining method used to detect glycogen and other polysaccharides in tissues. The reaction of periodic acid oxidizes the diol functional groups in glucose and other sugars, creating aldehydes that… …   Wikipedia

  • Masson's trichrome stain — of rat airway. Connective tissue is stained blue, nuclei are stained dark red/purple, and cytoplasm is stained red/pink. Masson s trichrome is a three colour staining protocol used in histology. The recipes evolved from Claude L. Pierre Masson s… …   Wikipedia